Safe Collection process

In order to comply with social distancing guidelines, we ask you to follow the below collection process. This is to safeguard you and our staff. The sooner we all start making social distancing the norm, the faster we can all stop doing it (so they say!) Your collection times are there to limit any queuing.  If there is a queue, please stand 2 metres behind the person in front of you.


  1. Please arrive at your chosen collection point on your confirmation email, at the collection time.  No need to be early, your bags are safe in our refrigerated Vans.
  2. Stand behind the collection point safe line or 2 metres behind the person in front, 2 meter points will be marked for you
  3. Please tell the collection point attendant your order number and stay behind the safe line 
  4. Our attendant will collect your order from the refrigerated van.
  5. Your order will be placed in the collection area (this will be marked)
  6. Wait for the driver to step back before collecting your box