Afternoon Tea - Charlotte (From £5.99 per Child on a 4 Child box)

Afternoon Tea - Charlotte (From £5.99 per Child on a 4 Child box)

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As the weather improves and we can start socialising outside, we thought it was time some of our smaller customers got to enjoy an Afternoon Tea designed with them in mind.    Ideal to take out on Picnics or just enjoy in the garden.  With it's Jigsaw Shaped Sandwiches, Ketchup Sausage Rolls, Mini Pizzas and yummy Desserts, it will keep the children full for a while.  Don't worry Mum's there are some veggies and fruit in there too.

What Do you Get - 4 Person Box. 

Jigsaw Sandwiches

2 x Honey Roast Ham

2 x Mixed Cheese 

2 x Chicken & Bacon 

2 x Egg Mayo 

Finger Foods

4 x Mini Mixed Cheese Pizzas

4 x Ketchup Sausage Rolls

4 x BBQ Pinwheel Wraps

Carrot Sticks with Hummus & BBQ Sauce 


4 x Mini Brownies

4 x Mini Ring Doughnuts

4 x Mixed Grape Pots

4 x Mini Pots of Chocolate Dipping Sauce 

AFTERNOON TEA FOR 2 - The above quantities are halved for a 2 Child box.